Solar storage tank 100L-750L

Stainless steel water storage tanks are the best for solar water heater applications. They can withstand the high pressure and excessive stresses put on them by constant heating and cooling throughout the day from the solar water heater. Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance in various water conditions.

The only week point of a stainless-steel tank is at the seams of the welds. In order to protect the welds, we utilize magnesium anode rods which will corrode first before the stainless steel or any points on the welds can corrode. If these rods are replaced on time, the tank can easily last for a very long time, very possibly a lifetime. Stainless steel tanks are clearly superior over Vitreous Enamel tanks, which are more cheaply produced and can last a long time if maintained properly but are risky to use in solar applications.