Solar Collectors

Collectors are assembled using the highest quality materials and superior techniques, which result in highly practical, durable products you can depend on for years to come.

SBB 18AL 1

Heat pipe solar collector

Heat pipe solar collectors are capable of working more efficiently for households in cold climate. The evacuated tubes are coated with a high performance selective absorbing surface that minimizes the reflection of the sun rays. Solar water heater system is the best choice to save the energy and cost for your home. This type with aluminum frame is suitable for flat roof.

  • Solar keymark
  • SGS
  • CE
  • ISO
Solar air collector

Solar air collector

The Blueclean solar air collector is a super effective vacuum tube solar air collector optimized for hot air applications. Due to the quality of vacuum tubes and the efficient thermal insulation, the heat losses are minimized and very high air temperatures can be maintained. The collector offers high performance, premium standstill security and is especially suitable for drying applications.

  • SGS
  • CE
  • ISO

Multiple Applications

  • Industrial manufacturing and other early energy-saving projects.
  • Agriculture, fishery and other heating projects.
  • Construction, energy-saving hot water projects.
  • Service industry, swimming pool hot water supply project, etc.

Outstanding Features

  • Solar water engineering system with a fully automatic operation, requiring no personnel operation.
  • Adopt superconducting high-efficiency collector components to ensure high-efficiency heat collection.
  • The panels are neatly arranged and beautiful.
  • The heat collector can be installed on the roof with a large area and can be installed on the platform or ridge.
  • Modular design and modular installation can be integrated with building to achieve integration with architecture.

Blending into the Surroundings

Solar roof decorates home's appearance while turning sunlight into electricity. With an integrated design, solar energy collected during daytime is transferred in heat for hot water any time, turning your roof into a practical art.

OEM Projects for Clean Energy

Backed by over 12 years of expertise Blueclean has fine-tuned the design and manufacture of solar collectors to an art. Collectors are assembled using the highest quality materials and advanced techniques, which result in highly efficient, durable products you can depend on for years to come. While the basic flat plate design has been around for a long time and is the most widely used type of solar thermal panel for domestic hot water supply, not all collectors are designed and made alike.

Choice of material and design aspects can greatly affect not only solar thermal performance but also the reliability when operating in many varied environmental conditions. Blueclean has chosen the highest quality materials to ensure reliable, efficient operation and collector longevity.