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Industrially manufactured solar collectors at affordable prices for everyone’s energy demand! Future-oriented and sustainable!


Our Story

It’s best to do one thing really, really well. Blueclean is known in the solar heating market as a trusted, independent OEM manufacturer for excellent solar thermal collectors and water heating systems.

We deliver exclusively to OEM partners, Industrial customers, and retailers who distribute thermal solar technology for consumers. For us, it is not just a water heater, but a life-changing opportunity. May each use be a good memory.

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We listen to your requirements and start research as soon as 24h.

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12 years of experience and a large network of engineers.

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A large, modern factory and office space, great connectivity with customs.


Never stop learning, never stop evolving into who we want to be.

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Openness with your order progress. We raise issues & provide solutions promptly.

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Our quality speaks for your brand. And your brand vision is our guiding beacons.

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Through automatic argon welding technology, the spillway pipe, exhaust pipe, inlet and outlet pipe and tank inside are straight seam welded. The tank inside is flanging after welding, to better connect with the seal head. Then roll tendons to enhance the mechanical strength of the bladder. The sealing head and bracket of the inner tank are welded by spot welding technique.


Pressure Testing

The semi-finished products will be installed with spillway pipe, inlet and outlet water port, and conduct a pressure test after being installed evacuated tube. If pass, it will then be taken to the drying step; while unqualified products will get repaired immediately and tested again.



After installing the inner vessel, and the end cover of the outer casing and the outer barrel, the equipment is initialized for the first check. After inspection, we start filling foam materials and installing the end cover. The water tank is then placed stable, waiting for the foam to solidify.



During the final installation, electrical performance testing is required, including grounding, insulation, pressure resistance, leakage, and power. We strictly install each interface and assure the whole process is clean and dust-free. The packaging is then scanned and stored.


It's About Being Green and Clean

The energy revolution is about switching energy supply, away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energies, away from the current central and towards a decentralized supply in the future.

Our products can contribute significantly here. We believe every consumer deserves clean energy straight from the sunshine, everyday and everywhere.