Our Philosophy

The time has never been better to invest in renewable energy, and a reliable manufacturer. Demonstrate your own green initiative with Blueclean solar.


Our Motto

Do Green and Clean

Solar is a simple, predictable, and widely available source of energy. We want to create the world's premium solar water heating system. We seek this outcome through combining: green materials, constant engineering, great friends, broadened horizons, and a spirit of innovation.

Our Achievement

Each Blueclean Solar Water Heater Directly Empowers Our Life

Reduce CO2 emissions by 0.66 tons

Save electricity at 833.4 degrees

Save 300 kg of standard coal

Save 0.21 tons of crude oil

REqual to planting 6 trees

Save 247 square meters of natural gas

Join Us

Take the Long View Towards A More Sustainable Future

At Blueclean, we care deeply about moving our society towards a more sustainable future - not just in the environmental sense but in how it relates to an overall quality of life, now. We want our staff to be proud of the work they do every day and to know that they are contributing to a company that will be a positive force for change. For us, this means developing deep relationships with everyone and making Earth a good place.