Solar Water Tanks

Blueclean offers a range of solar tanks for all types of applications, available for hot water storage, hot water heating systems, commercial, and industrial applications.

Solar project tank 1000L 10000L main

Solar project tank 1000L-10000L

Blueclean solar company produces a wide range of solar tanks for all types of applications. These solar water tanks are available for hot water storage, hot water heating systems, commercial applications and industrial applications.

These solar storage tanks are available in high pressurized and non-pressurized (atmospheric), and in a variety of capacities and sizes.

The inner tank material is SUS304-2B or SUS316L, these solar project water tanks could with one to three copper coil.

A wide selection of the heat exchanger sizes are available to fit every type of solar application and design. Besides the heat exchanger could be replaced in the future, it depends on your requirement.

  • SGS
  • CE
  • ISO
Solar storage tank 100L 750L

Solar storage tank 100L-750L

Stainless steel water storage tanks are the best for solar water heater applications. They can withstand the high pressure and excessive stresses put on them by constant heating and cooling throughout the day from the solar water heater. Stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance in various water conditions.

  • SGS
  • CE
  • ISO

Compact and Functional Design

Blueclean solar water tank is a thermal storage device that installs easily and requires little maintenance.

  • Rustless Body

    SUS304-2B stainless steel for rustless contruction.

  • Seamless Welding

    Automatic welding technology used for surface

  • Multiple Applications

    Suitable for geothermal heat pump, spilt solar system.


Flexible Applications

Blueclean solar storage tanks are available in pressurized system, non-pressurized system, and in a variety of capacities and sizes.

  • Suitable for many solar hot water systems, which can be equipped with a heat pump, boiler, and more.
  • It contains safety water replenishment system, automatic sewage disposal system, safety guarantee system and control system.
  • Small pump station and components can be applied to the water tank. Components can be purchased separately.

OEM Solar Storage Tank

The Blueclean solar water tanks allow you to achieve cost-efficient solar storage made with optional materials. Efficient heat exchange can be achieved through the immersed coil heat exchangers or through the use of external plate frame heat exchangers. Multiple copper coils are available per tank.

The large volume solar tanks come standard up to 100L models with larger models up to 8000L available and customized to your solar project's demands.