Solar air collector

The Blueclean solar air collector is a super effective vacuum tube solar air collector optimized for hot air applications. Due to the quality of vacuum tubes and the efficient thermal insulation, the heat losses are minimized and very high air temperatures can be maintained. The collector offers high performance, premium standstill security and is especially suitable for drying applications.


  1. Capacity (annual average): 75000 kcals/h
  2. Area of collectors: 270 square meters
  3. Coal savings: 55 t/a | CO2 emmission reduction: 140 t/a

The solar collector is made using aluminum extrusions, highly sensitive special absorbers, 4 mm thick toughened glass (partial double), mineral wool insulation, polyurethane sealant, and an epdm rubber. almost all (92 percent) of the short wavelength radiation emitted by the sun is transmitted through the glass. when it falls on the black absorber, radiant energy

is converted into thermal energy.