Flat panel solar water heater

Flat Panel solar collector can be installed without space or be installed compactly, it not only supplies hot water but also owns the roof feature functions such as insulation, shading, water-proof and etc.Unique great construction and high quality insulation allow the heat to be efficiently transferred to the water with minimal loss. This type has black chromium coating and black color aluminum frame.


  1. Dimension: 2000 x 1000 x 80mm; coating of absorber is blue titanium; absorbing rate is 96%±3%; emission rate is 9%±5%.
  2. Match building materials and the structure, perfect unity and long-term use.
  3. Easy and fast installation, capable of fitting the system with a split pressurized water tank.

Red copper full-surface absorber plated with blue titanium and quartz. The absorber is imported from Tinox, Germany. By using a kind of special-designed physical sedimentation way ( PVD ), the coating is plated on the red cooper continuously. Under vacuum environment, titanium is gasified by the effect of the electron beam, causing the chemical reaction when nitrogen and oxygen are added and forms N-doped titanium dioxides. Then it sediments and condenses on the red cooper. Moreover, after gasified by an electron beam, quartz forms an emissive layer on the surface, which could protect the coating effectively.